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Identification wristbands for all events

  • authorOrianne
  • datemer 18 Juil 18
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We choose to write about identification bracelets because there are more and more events organised now in Cameroon, like camping, concerts, forums and others.

Why use identifications bracelets?
Beside Pleasing and giving many advantages to their purchasers, idenfication wristbands are effective communication media for the promoters of events. Especially when they are personalized.

Wristbands can be made with:
Polyvinyl chloride wich made the best rendering
Tyvek, tear-proof paper
Vinyl for comfort and resistance
– And plastic for discretion and low budgets

The most of identification bracelets?

First of all, we can print logos and/or messages. Then, these impressions can be made either in screen printing or in offset, recoomanded for four-colors printings.
The color choice refers to Pantone charter. Design and size differ according materials used for doing bracelets. Finally, it is possible to add a serial numbering.

In short, with a mininum of 1000 pieces, identification wristbands are inexpensive, durable, comfortable and pretty.

If this product interests you, do not hesitate to contact us for orders or for more information at +237 665.075.263 or by email at contact@horizonsources.com.

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