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Personnalized Sentorettes for Cars

  • authorOrianne
  • dateven 05 Oct 18
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Have you ever thought of using sentorettes to advertise yourself? No? Just replace the good old magic tree with a form of your choice and you’re done.

Still called smells good, sentorettes offers asentorettes air fresheners surface  of 8*8 cm printing to convey your message and to take your logo out. It is generally made with cardboard, that does not weigh. It is possible to print to it in all the colors on 2 faces and to give them the wished shape.

Sentorettes can also be covered with a brilliant coat to look smart even more. The choice of the color of the rubber band is also highly varied.
You have the choice between: green, light green, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, beige, brick red, light pink, dark pink, red, purple, blue, navy blue, black, grey and white.

Furthermore, as its name indicates: IT SMELLS GOOD! Thanks to a perfume incorporated, chosen among 16 scents: mint, sandalwoods, flowers, apple and cardamom, Golden Delicious apple, bergamot orange, red berries, green tea, new car, strawberry, melon, ocean, blueberries, chewing gum, anti tobacco and lavender.

But the most important thing: we do not get rid easily smells good. Even when they no longer diffuse perfumes, they remain attached on the rear-view mirror.

It is not bulky and therefore the driver does not feel any inconvenience to them there; Unless the form of the smell does not displease. So opt for forms that relate to your cause: bottles of wine, leaves, cars and others depending on your idea and your target.

Finally, speaking of rates, they are really low. We offer you printing and cut costs. it is a very good deal that you will do and you will mark your customers and your collaborators.

Contact us if you want more informations or a quote at +237 665 075 263 or by email at orianne@horizonsources.com.

Horizons Sources Cameroun Sarl accompanies you and advises you, because we are by far the closest to you.

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