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Some ideas for academic year

  • authorOrianne
  • datemer 05 Sep 18
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More than few days for academic comeback

This is especially for wholesalers and retailers.

Students and teachers like beautiful and pretty things, so take advantages. there are some interesting and essentials accessories  for school

Pens: student need them to take lessons. Horizons Sources propose two types of pens:  normal pens and fountain pens. from 250 units, you can do advertising everywhere you want. And you have the choice between various ranges.

Pencils: from kindergarten to university, for student or teachers, for drowing workshops or visual art, for technology courses or exams. The pencil is the expression of the reserve and therefore, remains indispensable, whatever the situation.

 – Rubbers: Great companions of pencils, who could say no to an eraser?

– The rain ponchos: customizable on both sides, they are very light and waterproof. The ponchos are available in several sizes and in individual packages also customizable.

Horizons Sources Cameroon Sarl remains at your disposal if you have another product in mind. Just contact us at +237 665.075.263 or email orianne@horizonsources.com

We stay by far the closest to you!

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