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Some ideas for the Labor day

  • authorOrianne
  • dateven 13 Avr 18
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The 1st May is a spécial day for all, because it symbolize the recognition of our work. It is also a day of sharing between all members of a firm. So, let’s mark this event! We offer some ideas to immortalize the labor day.

1. Fountain Pens: For this, we use goose feathers to keep this product eco-friendly. the ink tube is recyclable. Their softness and their finess will mark your partners. You can choose between 10 colors to paint them.
– Goose feathers: 100% eco friendly
– Availables colors: White, orange, yellow, Blu dark, pink, green, red, turquoise, burgundy and violet
– Minimum quantities: 250 units
-Individual packaging availlable from 1000 units.

2. Keychains: We all have a set of keys which is used everyday. we care about it. Keychains are certainly a good communication object! For exemple « We do care about you » to show to employees how exceptional they are. A logo will always remind your customers that you are there if they need you.
-Materials: Silicon PVC, Crystal or metal
– Minimum quantities: From 100 unit depending of matérial
– Individual packages with labelling if you want.

3. Office clocks: There is always something to do. An office clock helps your employees to respect the delay and times. It is also a good present for your partners, especially when it is personnalized. this clock have chronometer option.
– individual packages
– Quantities: from 25 units
– customization from 100 units.

si you are interested in any of this products, contact us to +237 665.075.263. Or send an Email to orianne@horizonsources.com.
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