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Temporary Tattoos

  • authorOrianne
  • dateven 16 Nov 18
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Temporary tattoos are nowadays essential products. True fashion accessories, they are really fun, look good, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. In addition, your wallet hardly bleeds.

1. Types of tattoos:
Water tattoo: you need water to help the tattoo stick to your skin perfectly. How to apply it? Simply remove the transparent film from the tattoo and apply it to clean skin. Then, wet it with a damp sponge and hold for 20 seconds before gently removing the sheet.

The waterless tattoo is very much in demand, especially to make it easier for younger people to use because it is like a sticker.

For those of you who are used to dark environments or who want it to be always visible and in all circumstances, phosphorescent tattoos are made for you. Don’t forget to expose them to the sun or a source of UV rays before putting them in the dark. they shine and their color varies between green and yellow.

– Tattoos can also be done with glitter. This tattoo is particularly appreciated by the feminine side for its girlie and very flashy look.

The photochromic tattoo offers you the opportunity to go incognito if you wish. But they are coloured according to the intensity of the light to which they have been exposed.

– Finally, tattoos can be scented and you have the possibility to choose which scent you want.

2. Horizons Sources Cameroun Sarl’s Offer:
Horizonsources offers tattoo sizes from 38mm, and prints of 1 color and more, or in full color if you wish. The new trend is to use metallic colours to give a very pretty jewellery effect. We also have cosmetic certificates guaranteeing the quality of tattoos.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone on 00237 665 075 263.
Because we are by far the closest to you!

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